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Thursday, September 13

POLYSUN WORKSHOPS (open to all registered EuroSun participants)

Polysun Workshop 1: Boon or Threat to the Energy Revolution – Power to Heat vs. Solar Thermal

8:30 - 12:15

Speaker: Luc Meier (Vela Solaris AG)
Room: 8.U44a


Polysun Workshop 2: How to Design a Solar Thermal System at Optimal Cost I (Focus on Polysun)
8:30 - 12:15

Speaker: Lars Kunath (Vela Solaris AG)
Room: 8.U44b


Polysun Workshop 3: How to Design a Solar Thermal System at Optimal Cost II (Focus on THD and HYDRA)
13:30 - 17:00

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Ralf Eismann (FHNW)
Room: 8.U44a


Polysun Workshop 4: Combine Matlab and Polysun
13:30 - 17:00

Speaker: Marc Jakobi (Vela Solaris AG)
Room: 8.U44b


The Polysun workshops will be held in German and English.
Please find more information on the workshops here.

Please register for the workshop by e-mail at info[at]




ISO TC 180 - MEETINGS (internal meetings)

Organized by: Erandi Chandrasekare, Andreas Bohren

ISO TC 180 SC1: 09:00- 12:30 (Room 4.114)
ISO TC 180 WG3: 09:00 - 12:30 (Room 4.115)
ISO TC 180 SC4: 13:30 - 17:00 (Room 4.114)




Price Reduction of Solar Thermal Systems – Results of IEA SHC Task 54 (open to all registered EuroSun participants)

14:30 - 16:00
Organized by: Michael Köhl, Sandrin Seile with Task 54 experts
Room: 5.002

Workshop description:

The greatest challenges of the 21st century to secure a sustainable energy supply and to considerably reduce CO2 emissions cannot be reached without the significant growth of solar thermal markets worldwide. However, having the image of being too expensive to buy, too complex to install, too costly to maintain, solar thermal often loses the race against other offerings in today’s heating sector. How this trend can be reversed is one of the key questions of the SHC’s Task 54 “Price reduction of solar thermal systems”, which will be finished in October 2018. The final presentation of the results at EUROSUN 2018 will give information on the solar thermal value chain and highlight parts with the highest cost reduction potential. Task 54 experts explain economic and technological mechanisms that could change the price structure of current solar thermal systems decisively by help of practical examples.


  • Introduction to the IEA SHC Task 54 "Price reduction of solar thermal systems"
    Dr. Michael Köhl, Fraunhofer ISE
  • Calculating the heat costs for reference solar thermal systems using the levelised cost of heat (LCoH) method
    Yoann Louvet, Kassel University
  • Improvements developed during the IEA SHC Task 54
    • New materials
      Dr. Michael Köhl, Fraunhofer ISE
    • Technical improvements
      Dr. Federico Giovannetti, ISFH
    • Non-technical improvements and learning curve issues (economic issues, marketing, etc.)
      Daniel Philippen, HSR-SPF / Dr. Daniel Mugnier, TECSOL
  • Impact of the improvements developed during IEA SHC Task 54 on the levelised cost of heat (LcoH)
    Dr. Stephan Fischer, ITW
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