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Instructions for Posters


With the EuroSun 2018 conference coming closer, we would like to give you instructions on how to prepare your poster for the conference. Please make sure to read this carefully and follow the instructions.

Poster layout:

  • Your poster should be upright/portrait style with a maximum size of DIN A0 format: width: max. 84 cm (33 inches), height: max. 119 cm (47 inches).
  • Please make sure that letters are sufficiently large to be read from a distance of 1-3 m.

Poster mounting:

  • You are responsible for printing your poster in advance and for putting it up at the conference. It is not possible to print posters at the conference site.
  • Please mount your poster on Tuesday, September 11, morning. Mounting material will be provided.
  • Please don't remove your poster before the end of the conference. The posters are an important part of the scientific program and should be displayed the whole time.
  • Please remove your poster on Thursday, September 13 directly after the closing session. Posters remaining after the conference will be discarded.
  • How to find the place where your poster should be mounted: In the poster area you will find a sign on each poster wall indicating the author’s name, poster title and poster number. For your poster number please refer to the conference program. If you have difficulties finding “your” poster board at the conference site, please contact one of our staff members and we will be happy to assist you.
  • Additionally, all poster authors are welcome to submit a PDF file of their poster for presentation in the Download Area. Poster PDFs can be uploaded on-site at the Media Upload Desk.

!! NEW FOR EUROSUN: Short Poster Videos

For the first time at EuroSun you will have the opportunity to present your poster in a short video. All you have to do is to come to the video station on the first day of the conference with your research poster. There you can present the most important points of your research on a video set. The one to two-minute video is filmed with your mobile phone and will be published open access on the “Youtube channel of the conference”. Make your findings accessible to others and drop by on September 11 from 9-17 hrs. Further details will be available on site.

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